The art for sale below is by Tim Storrier. The Australian artist Tim Storrier was born in Sydney in 1949. In his depiction of the arid beauty of the Australian landscape he has produced art of great evocative power. Tim Storrier combines in his work a high degree of technical competence with an original vision of the land he lives in. Tim Storrier won the Archibald Prize in 2012.


Paintings and prints by Tim Storrier

What Storrier paintings are currently available?

Tim Storrier’s paintings are highly sought after and this question is best answered by getting in contact with us directly by clicking on the enquiry button above the image of a Storrier work or via one of the contact options listed on the contact page.

What is the price for a Storrier painting?

The asking price for an individual painting depends on a range of factors and although the size of a painting is relevant it may not be the most important factor in regards to the price of the work. It is best to contact us direct so that we can discuss individual works and their price.

If you see a Storrier painting that you like that has already sold let us know and we can then see if any works that may be of interest to you are currently available. Alternatively if you have a certain price range in mind let us know and we can then discuss with you if any works are available in that range.

Are the paintings on canvas?

Most works are painted on canvas (or to be more precise linen). Occasionally Storrier paints on board – a common size for this work is a 40 x 50 cm board. These are then usually mounted in a quality wooden frame under a glazing. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see an image of what these frames look like.

Do the paintings come framed?

Most of Storrier’s paintings come beautifully framed in hand-gilded gold frames. These frames are included in the purchase price. If you are interested in purchasing a work without a frame this can be negotiated on a case by case basis. The final decision to sell the work unframed lies with Storrier.

Does Storrier paint commissions?

We have successfully negotiated commissions for clients in the past. Acceptance of the commission is of course at the discretion of the artist. Please contact Justin Combs directly if you would like to discuss in more detail.

What Storrier prints are currently available?

At the moment we are selling some two different types of limited-edition prints.

The more expensive prints are hand-printed collagraphs. These could be described as a modified form of woodcut printing where Storrier hand-painted an original image for the printmaker to use as a basis for printing the edition. These prints are very labour-intensive to make and have considerable surface texture.

We also sell limited-edition digital prints which are signed reproductions of Storrier paintings.

All prints we sell are individually numbered and are hand-signed in pencil by Storrier. The size of the numbered edition varies but is typically between 40 to 90 prints plus a small number of proofs.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Justin Combs directly by clicking on one of the enquiry buttons when viewing a particular Storrier work or via one of the general contact options below and on our contact page.

Expressions of interest in buying and selling major artworks always welcome.

All expressions of interest are responded to personally within 24-hours.


 Justin Combs


E: justin@artloft.com.au | P: 1300 831 124

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