Tim Maguire has spent the last few years exploring new territories in regards to the making of original prints. His series of digital pigment prints combine recent technological advances in printmaking with his innate skill as an artist in making the plates that are the basis for these works. Here is a brief description of how these stunning artworks are made:

Tim Maguire produces these works in Paris – they are original prints – no photographic reproduction of a painting is involved. The first step involves the hand painting by the artist of several clear plates – these relate to a single colour value in the printing process. These plates are then scanned into a printer where the images are superimposed and assigned various colour values by the artist. The resulting image is then printed using high quality digital pigment inks and archival quality paper. The works are then editioned and signed by Maguire.

Two new works – ‘Berries and Sky’ and ‘Poppies II’ deserve special attention. Each work is 120 x 180 in size – the sense of scale achieved is similar to Maguire’s large paintings but the textual qualities of the paper are unique to these pieces. The numbered edition is limited to 10 of each work.

If you are interested in viewing these works in person in Sydney please let me know.